Gamma has established processes to consider the interests of all of its stakeholders systematically which are set out in detail below.


Gamma produces products which allow end users to communicate easily and reliably.

Gamma’s ethos is to provide a robust product at a fair price. Where Gamma sells via channel partners the Company wants the partner to make a fair margin for the value that they are adding to the end user.

The Company has a strong reputation for service and support, and it invests time engaging with customers across a range of topics to ensure the Company continues to be responsive to customers and partners, and easy to do business with. Satisfaction surveys are run across the UK businesses in order to understand overall customer satisfaction levels and the “Likert Scale” continues to be used as the method to measure customer satisfaction. Gamma is pleased to report a 69% CSAT rating in 2022 with improved engagement from its partners. Gamma tracks an annual Net Promoter Score (NPS) and recorded a positive score of 47 for 2022, which remains well above the industry sector average. Gamma continues to work with its European businesses to align how customer satisfaction can be consistently measured and tracked in future.

Gamma continues to provide an online digital learning management system called the “Gamma Academy” to support channel partners with their product knowledge. A series of independent knowledge bases are available to end users with the aim of enabling them to improve their understanding of, and to get the best from their Gamma services, as well as reduce their reliance on the channel partner.


Gamma works with carefully chosen suppliers. The main suppliers are those who provide equipment both for the Gamma network and for onward sale to customers and other telecoms businesses. Suppliers are a key part of Gamma business operations and are treated ethically and with respect. Gamma works hard to promote the concept of a supplier ecosystem and seeks relationships that benefit both the supplier and Gamma.

The process of improving and standardising the management of suppliers is key to Gamma and is constant as the Company strives for continuous business improvement. Preferred and strategic suppliers have their performance managed, monitored and reviewed to ensure the supply relationship always represents best value to Gamma and to underpin constructive discussion and resolution of any issues that might arise.

Employees are asked to ensure that any issues relating to the supplier’s service provision, quality of goods or any other indicator of performance (positive or negative) are reported to the procurement team, so accurate performance records can be maintained and supplier performance managed.

Regular performance reviews take place with key suppliers and there is also a fortnightly ‘Supplier Management Meeting’ chaired by Gamma’s Director of Procurement, with inputs from key internal representatives on behalf of its Commercial, Customer, Network, Product and Regulatory functional areas. This forum is used to discuss supplier performance and risks.

To ensure that Gamma’s business is conducted ethically, sustainably and within the local law, Gamma has implemented an Ethical Procurement Policy and expects its suppliers to meet the principles outlined in the Policy.

This policy is designed to support the procurement of goods and services from all its suppliers that minimise negative and enhance positive impacts on the environment and society whilst meeting business needs and maintaining alignment with its values. Gamma encourages suppliers to require the same of their supply chains.

Gamma requires suppliers to complete an Ethical Procurement Policy Questionnaire and assesses supplier responses as the mechanism to assess these risks. The Company audits its supply chain continuously to identify compliance risks. Failure to complete the questionnaire or unsatisfactory responses may result in suppliers being excluded from the Gamma supply chain. Where appropriate, Gamma works closely with suppliers where issues are identified, and collaborates with them to help them improve their responses and help their business.

Gamma people

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is fundamental to Gamma’s success and attracting and retaining highly motivated employees contributes to the achievement of its strategic objectives.

By engaging with employees, the Company gives them a voice to create a culture in which everyone can thrive. Gamma wants its people to bring their best selves to the working environment which should be a place where they feel safe, they belong, and they matter. In 2022, Gamma commenced the process to review its existing culture and values by thorough stakeholder interviews and interactive workshops across Gamma group. Gamma will launch its new culture and values to the Group in 2023.

Gamma’s engagement tool, The Gamma Pulse, is a resource tool for managers and employees that ensures Gamma not only engages with its people biannually, but quickly gives insights to enable actions to be implemented and to communicate results efficiently.

During 2022 the Company conducted two group surveys. In the most recent survey 1,735 people were surveyed in November, with an 81% participation rate and Gamma received 10,176 comments. Survey results are communicated directly to the CEO, Executive Committee, and the Gamma People Business Partners, and via a webcast and email communication to all employees. In addition, the results are shared with the Board. After each survey, the leadership reviews comments and scores and works with teams to take action. Many managers put their own local action plans in place, and we believe this is having a positive effect on our engagement. In addition, an email was sent out to all employees explaining the results and action we are taking, this included feedback from comments.

Social Value

In 2022, Gamma linked employee engagement and employee experience with social value. Gamma believes that work should be a force for good; whether for its employees, customers or for society, the drive towards responsible and sustainable business starts with people. Employers play a significant role in society and Gamma’s goal is to make a positive impact to the communities in which it operates. Gamma is committed to building a fair, compassionate and inclusive workplace, and to contributing to society.

For Gamma, social value is the positive impact created for society as a result of its contributions, and at its heart the Company aims to help society progress, benefit and thrive. This includes creating value for its employees, customers and stakeholders. Gamma’s plan in 2023 is to focus on four key aims, linked to Gamma’s chosen UN SDG’s:

  1. Create communities and a sense of belonging for our employees.
  2. Bridge the digital divide (unequal access to technology) and create opportunities to improve the lives of others globally.
  3. Give back to communities through charity work, raising funds and supporting certain demographics, for example – inspiring young people into a career in technology.
  4. Raise awareness of important topics such as mental health, as well as improving employees’ wellbeing.

Employee experience

Gamma is committed to creating an inclusive and collaborative environment that focuses on belonging for all. The aim is to ensure all employees are connected to Gamma and inspired to do their best work.

In 2022, Gamma focused on developing its Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion strategy.

The Company is committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace to enable everyone to feel they belong and can deliver their best work. The Company’s equality, diversity and inclusion priorities are to:

  • Build a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone is valued.
  • Understand its current demographics and use this data to inform strategy.
  • Attract underrepresented groups to Gamma so the workplace is reflective of the communities the company operates in.
  • Develop, engage, and provide opportunities for all employees to grow and deliver their best work.

The Company has partnered with the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (ENEI) and completed a benchmarking exercise to understand the gaps and strengths in its current approach. The exercise focused on key areas such as Gamma’s workforce, strategy, leadership and accountability, recruitment and attraction, training and development and other employment practices. Gamma also collected demographics data to better understand its workforce and align its future plans to support and strengthen its approach to attracting, developing and retaining underrepresented groups.

Gamma is also targeting talent communities internally and externally. Internally, the Company will be creating employee communities, to strengthen inclusion and belonging.

Externally, its recruitment team has started to build networks to broaden the Company’s connections with specific groups, focusing on Women in Technology, apprenticeships, and other underrepresented groups. This will include participation in hosted events and the creation of targeted recruitment campaigns to attract a more diverse talent pool. Gamma’s Executive Committee has committed that all senior roles at Gamma must have a diverse shortlist and Gamma will ensure its partners in executive search are working to deliver this.

The experience Gamma employees have within the Company remains a key focus of Gamma’s People Function agenda and across the business in general.

Gamma has a Wellbeing Team, consisting of 12 qualified Mental Health First Aiders working on a rota system across all UK office locations, sign posting to external organisations where applicable. In May 2022, Gamma raised the importance of Wellness during Mental Health Week to all employees. The aims for the week were to demonstrate its commitment to Wellbeing, promote a healthy mind and body, create an open and supportive culture, raise awareness of important topics such as Mental Health and connect with employees. Gamma held a week of activities focused on five key themes: Healthy Minds, Physical Health, Mental Health, Financial Wellbeing and Feeling Good. Activities included daily webinars, challenges and signposting to the support Gamma provides to demonstrate the importance of good mental health, how to support colleagues, identifying poor mental health and self-care strategies. During Wellness Week Gamma actively encouraged feedback and ideas from employees and employees scored Gamma 9 out of 10 for raising important topics related to wellbeing. Gamma continually monitors the effectiveness of its support to employees and in 2022 launched mental health training for all managers.

Financial wellbeing is also important to Gamma’s employees and the Company offers a salary sacrifice pension scheme, life assurance and income protection. Gamma offers a reward package which includes: the government cycle to work scheme, childcare vouchers, as well as access to a health cashback plan. The flexible holiday trading package offers employees the opportunity to purchase additional holidays or sell back holidays. Gamma has also partnered with Reward Gateway to offer staff a variety of discounts from retail outlets and access to health and fitness discounts including gym memberships, saving employees over £36k in 2022. Gamma offers enhanced adoption, maternity and paternity pay and shared parental leave.

Wellbeing will continue to be a key focus in 2023 to help support employees with advice, training and assistance where needed.

Chris Bradford, Chief People Officer

Social Overview with Chris Bradford, Chief People Officer

Sharing in the success of Gamma’s business growth

Gamma is keen to ensure that all employees who would like to be shareholders can do so in a tax-efficient way. In the UK Gamma has an optional Save As You Earn (“SAYE”) scheme which allows eligible employees to acquire shares and a Share Incentive Plan (“SIP”) to allow employees to buy shares on a monthly basis. In 2022 29% (2021: 34%, 2020: 43%) of eligible employees chose to participate in the SAYE scheme, with options being granted over 257,201 (2021: 155,514, 2020: 345,953) shares. The Gamma share schemes have been extended to Mission Labs. Gamma also provides long-term incentive schemes which offer options to key employees.

Health and safety

Gamma experiences few workplace injuries and during 2022, Gamma had no fatalities or major injuries related to work. All employees complete risk assessments for their working environment, including remote working risks.

A quarterly report is provided to the Board that includes accident statistics, updates regarding health and safety initiatives, and other relevant metrics such as contact made to the Mental Health First Aiders.

Gamma’s health and safety policy has developed alongside the new hybrid working environment and the Company continues to work with third-party specialists to ensure its employees are supported and environments are safe.

Skills and talent

Gamma is focused on attracting, retaining and developing the critical skills required to support its strategic ambitions.

During 2022 Gamma continued to use the induction and onboarding platform that was introduced in 2021. The platform provides a structured five week induction programme for all new joiners to equip them with a foundational understanding of the Gamma Group, its products, markets and customers, as well as its way of working, culture and values. The platform supports the additional role-specific onboarding activity that already takes place across the business, including interactive technical product training. In addition, regular Welcome days (face to face and virtual) have been run to ensure that new joiners onboard effectively and hear key messages directly from the Gamma Executive.

Learning and Development is further supported by the Gamma Academy and LinkedIn Learning, which provides employees with access to over 16,000 expert-led courses, enabling continuous growth and development.

Apprenticeships and Technology Graduate Programme

The Gamma apprenticeship programme has continued during 2022 with 8 apprentices in various functions. Most of Gamma’s apprentices are continuing studies from previous years, in some cases up to degree level, or existing employees continuing their professional development through the apprenticeship model.

Alongside a newly launched Technology Careers Site, Gamma successfully recruited and onboarded eight graduates into its Technology function in September 2022. The aim of the programme is to offer graduates experience of four different areas of technology across a two-year period. Gamma guarantees the graduate a permanent position at the end of successfully completing the programme. A second cohort of graduates will be recruited to start in September 2023.

Gender pay gap

In 2023 Gamma will continue to assess its gender pay gap and look at ways to continually support closing the gap between male and female employees and working to ensure that all employees are treated fairly.

The gender pay gap report for the snapshot date of 5 April 2022 shows 1,199 employees within the Gamma Telecoms Holdings Ltd UK workforce, excluding Mission Labs: 817 men and 382 women.

Gender% of Workforce 2022
vs (2021)
Male68.14 (69.72)
Female31.86 (30.28)

Below is the data from the UK Gender Pay Gap analysis.

The median pay gap is the difference between the midpoints in the ranges of hourly earnings of men and women. The mean gender pay gap is the difference between the average hourly earnings of men and women.

Pay and bonus gap

 Mean % of 2022
vs (2021)
Median % of 2022
vs (2021)
Pay Gap19.17 (19.60)22.46 (19.80)
Bonus Gap72.34 (59.41)25.56 (20.07)

Proportion of Males and Females receiving bonus

Gender% receiving a bonus 2022
vs (2021)
Male87.86 (94.66)
Female91.71 (94.00)

Pay Quartiles

QuartileMale %
2022 vs (2021)
Female %
2022 vs (2021)
Upper76.00 (77.94)24.00 (22.06)
Upper middle73.67 (75.00)26.33 (25.00)
Lower middle61.54 (62.99)38.46 (37.01)
Lower61.33 (62.99)38.67 (37.01)

Gamma operates in a sector where there is a shortage of technically skilled females who choose to pursue a career in telecommunications and technology. As seen across the sector, male employees continue to make up much of the workforce, however, we are seeing improvements in the mean figures.

Group employee numbers at 31 December 2022

Directors of Gamma Communications plc6 (67%)3 (33%)9
Senior Managers of the Company (including subsidiary Directors)56 (79%)15 (21%)71
Employees1,147 (68%)553 (32%)1,680

Senior managers are as defined in the Companies Act 2006 (Strategic Report and Directors’ Report) Regulations 2013. Gamma reassessed the categorisations for 2022.

Group employee numbers at 31 December 2021

Directors of Gamma Communications plc7 (78%)2 (22%)9
Senior Managers of the Company (including subsidiary Directors)26 (96%)1 (4%)27
Employees1,192 (68%)553 (32%)1,745

Whistleblowing Scheme

Gamma has a Whistleblowing Policy and reporting system via an independent third party available to all employees, workers, and other relevant third parties.

The approach provides employees with a confidential channel in which to raise any wrongdoing anonymously. The system is available 24/7 either online or via the telephone with multilanguage functionality.

To ensure concerns are treated objectively, wrongdoing reports initially are sent directly from the third-party provider to Gamma’s Whistleblowing Officers who are Independent Non-Executives on the Board. After an initial assessment, the report will either be delegated to a panel which is made up of representatives of Gamma’s Executive Committee or the Whistleblowing Officers may choose to deal with it independently, including obtaining external advice. Gamma has trained appropriate level employees to manage the investigation process. Whistleblowing incidents are reported to the Board on a regular basis.

The Gamma onboarding programme explains the Whistleblowing approach to all new starters and Gamma remains committed to providing awareness and training to existing staff.

2023 Activity

In 2023 Gamma will:

  • Launch the Company’s new culture and values.
  • Launch its new Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Belonging programme named “You Belong”.
  • Create new employee communities giving a voice to employees across Gamma group.
  • Focus on Wellbeing continuing to raise awareness of important topics such as mental health and financial wellbeing.
  • Support young people in the community through its outreach programme with Speakers for Schools.
  • Contribute to bridging the digital divide by partnering with organisations to reuse IT equipment in different communities.

Giving back

As part of its 2022 social plan, Gamma is committed to supporting the communities in which it is based and enhancing its charitable giving plan.

Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth, Gamma’s technology teams have continued to provide remote Hi-Tech Horizons sessions through an initiative run by the Education Business Partnership. The initiative aims to engage and inspire the future workforce, raising awareness of the hi-tech sector and the opportunities available.

This year the sessions have continued to run virtually, with Gamma recently reaching over 300 pupils across years 7, 8 and 9. Pupils were encouraged to work on their creativity and collaboration skills to design an app that would improve the lives of others. Future plans will allow Gamma the flexibility to deliver in person sessions again.

As part of Gamma’s goal to impact and inspire young people the Company has formally partnered with Speakers for Schools and is designing a nationwide programme to support young people with understanding the technology industry, raising their confidence levels, mentoring and providing opportunities for work experience. During 2022, a cross functional Gamma team delivered a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) insights day to school students across the UK for their Predict Digital Campaign. The aim was to inspire young people to learn more about the communications industry, Gamma and the world of work, The Company also hosted a Workplace Safari where students from Manchester Communication Academy visited Gamma’s local office to learn more about the Company. The event is part of local careers programme to encourage and create more interactions and work experience with local employers. Gamma has a broad range of colleagues that volunteer to support these events to help inspire students and provide them with a wider perspective on what their options are for their future careers and opportunities. Gamma believes everyone should have access to connectivity and be able to communicate and connect to anyone in the world. The Company will focus on the following priorities for digital equity:

  • Redeploy unused equipment to communities that need it.
  • Bridge the digital divide.
  • Increase IT literacy within its communities.

In 2022, the Company partnered with the Unconnected and have donated over a hundred laptops and redeployed them to lowincome communities. Gamma donated laptops to a school in Uganda where digital literacy and connectivity is low, where the gender divide is high and connectivity for women is lower than men. Gamma’s aim is to address this inequality at the early stages of education, and we will continue to donate equipment to low-income communities who need them.

Working in the communities in which the Company operates, Gamma’s “Direct” customer business unit has worked with local authorities in the Manchester and Portsmouth areas to support their efforts in tackling digital poverty, address emerging skills gaps and prepare young people for the world of work in addition to providing employment in the area.

Gamma is committed to maintaining these relationships as well as building new ones during 2023 and the Company will endeavour to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities, through the extension of initiatives. This includes Gamma’s commitment to supporting and reducing inequality in the community. Gamma has committed to creating new job opportunities, including hiring apprentices and creating new job opportunities in 2023.

Gamma has always encouraged charitable initiatives, and often a worthy cause will find people’s time just as valuable as any financial donation. Employees can contribute one day a year to help support their chosen charity or community support project and Gamma has continued to provide match funding across a range of charitable events that its staff has completed during 2022. A Charity Forum exists to support its employees to raise funds as well as use their charity day. Most notably in 2022, the Charity Forum organised the Gamma Anniversary Adventures, celebrating the Company’s 20th Anniversary, cycling between all the Gamma offices in the UK, and linking all its European offices with virtual mileage, raising funds for the employee-chosen charity, UNICEF.

Giving something back is important to Gamma and its employees and, driven by the Gamma Charity Forum, the Company will continue to build on its community and charity plan in 2023 to help make a difference to good causes and local communities.

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