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Supporting business acceleration

Gamma is a leading provider of technology-based communication services to businesses in Western Europe. We have established a wide network of reliable channel partners, and we also serve the market through our direct sales team. By investing in our network, adopting a digital-first approach, and leveraging our in-house development capabilities, Gamma has built a comprehensive portfolio of communication services that incorporate a significant amount of intellectual property. Our history of disrupting the market through innovative products like SIP trunking, combined with our new IP, enables us to address emerging markets effectively.

Business unit review

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  • UK Indirect
  • UK Direct
  • Europe

Where we create value

We are focused on providing the solution to the communication needs of our customers and we are committed to doing business the right way.

Gamma supplies communication solutions into the UK, Dutch, Spanish and German business markets, as well as having employees in seven countries.

Our Purpose is to:

Empower the people at the heart of good business.

Our Mission is to:

Make communication more human

Our Vision is to:

Create a better connected world in which we can work smarter for the benefit of business, people and the planet.When it comes to business, the combination of what we do and how we do it has developed a robust model that generates dependable, high-quality earnings on a recurring basis. Strong Business Model – with high visibility and quality of earnings through 2023 and beyond.

Our differentiators

Gamma is a business-to-business communications provider that empowers business for good for teams across Europe.

Our comprehensive product set and range of routes to market support a robust business model which underpins a strong, recurring financial model

We consider ourselves to be a genuinely distinct and exceptional communications service provider, and the following five aspects distinguish us from other companies:

  • We are authentic and approachable
  • We have intuitive technology
  • Our people and ethics are at the heart of everything that we do
  • We offer a complete product set
  • We embrace simplicity


Gamma has some significant opportunities. Advancements in technology and an increasing demand for fast and reliable connectivity create a favourable environment for growth and innovation. Some of these opportunities that we create are:

  • New UCaaS products
  • New channel development
  • New routes to market
  • Technology acquisitions

Our product categories

A developer and provider of UCaaS, CCaaS, voice, data and mobile communication services for businesses of all sizes.

Unified Communications

Our award-winning range of Unified Communications products enables businesses to raise productivity, boost agility and increase collaboration. From messaging and video calling to instant conference services, we help reduce costs and operational complexity while increasing employee engagement. We also offer Contact Centre solutions for SMEs and Enterprise.

SIP Trunking and Call Management

With the UK’s leading SIP trunking service we give businesses a more versatile, resilient phone service at less cost. Gamma SIP trunks come with powerful business continuity features plus exceptional inbound call management functionality.


Our business-only mobile service features flexible tariffs and powerful bolt-ons. When combined with Gamma’s Unified Communications services, employees can keep working wherever they are, remaining ‘always-on’ to customers.


Our high-performance connectivity products deliver outstanding speeds combined with robust security and resilience measures; from broadband and Ethernet to advanced WAN services, we provide businesses with the customisable connectivity they need to grow.

How we sell

We supply a broad range of simplified communications and software services to small, medium and large sized business customers, both through our large network of channel partners and directly.

Proportion of sales

61% UK Indirect
24% UK Direct
15% European

UK Indirect

Our primary route to market, the channel is at the heart of what we do. We provide market-leading products to 1,000+ channel partners, with an exceptional service wrap.

UK Direct

Our Direct business supports the requirements of Enterprises and Public Sector organisations looking to contract with the network operator.


Our European businesses sell both directly and through the channel consisting of sales in the Netherlands, Spain and Germany.

What we enable

Gamma is the only B2B communications provider that empowers business for good for teams across Europe that want simple, intuitive experiences in an era of increasing complexity.


Our technology provides scalability to customers, allowing them to easily expand their business operations as they grow. This could mean a scale-up during busy seasonal periods also. This is crucial for customers who want to accommodate increasing demand without disrupting their existing operations or infrastructure.


Our customers have access to innovative tools and solutions that help them stay ahead of the competition. By embracing innovation, businesses can remain relevant and appeal to a wider audience, leading to growth and increased revenue.


We enable seamless integration with other systems and applications, making it easier for customers to streamline their operations. This could mean keeping existing technology that employees are used to and adding advanced capability.


We provide customers with tools and processes that increase their efficiency and productivity, allowing them to achieve more with less time and resources. This is essential for businesses that want to optimise their operations and reduce costs, while still meeting customer demand and expectations.




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employees in seven countries


Innovative UCaaS solutions



Spent over £298m per annual