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Gamma provides business communication services that are flexible, scalable and secure to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Mission Labs is accelerating Gamma's ability to take advantage of transforming market

Customer demands and behaviours have grown and changed in recent years. With digital channels becoming more prominent during the pandemic, customers expect to communicate with businesses, whenever they want and via the communication channel of their choice. With a rise in customer interactions taking place in public forums such as social media platforms, customer experience has never been more crucial and the latest contact centre technology can play an important part in the success of an organisation.

Gamma acquired Mission Labs in March 2021, which has brought the Company leading capabilities in the rapidly evolving markets of Cloud Contact Centre and Cloud Communications.

Mission Labs has been working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) since 2016, helping clients to bring the future of business communications and customer experience with AWS cloud-based and serverless technologies.

Mission Labs is an approved Amazon Connect Service Delivery Partner, and an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, recognising its successful track record and experience in designing, building and supporting AWS-based solutions for clients. Mission Labs works with a large range of AWS services – Amazon Connect in particular – enabling its team to deliver powerful, client-specific solutions which improve efficiency, reduce costs and supercharge customer experience.

Mission Labs and AWS work together to identify opportunities to help organisations improve customer-centricity, and to leverage the benefits of the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform.

Market trend
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Gamma provides calling capabilities for Microsoft Teams

Building on over 15 years’ experience in delivering voice solutions for Microsoft, Gamma was pleased to have been chosen as one of a select number of providers in the Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams programme.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated Unified Communications (UC) technology adoption in 2021 seeing Microsoft Teams grow its user base to over 270 million monthly active users. However, only a fraction of those users are leveraging Teams’ calling capabilities.

Microsoft has worked to enable seamless and integrated PSTN calling to Teams by designing a new operator-managed programme, Operator Connect.

Gamma's inclusion in the programme streamlines calling capabilities for Teams users by bridging the gap between their Teams environment and Gamma as their operator.

The addition of Operator Connect further enhances Gamma’s existing Microsoft Teams telephony offering for its customers and channel partners, with the Company already enabling Teams seats across the Group via its Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and managed service offering, Cloud UCX™.

Gamma's growth in delivering Microsoft Teams telephony was built on the combination of the acquisition of Exactive in 2020, and Gamma's market-leading SIP trunking service.

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Gamma awarded Best Lockdown Project/Initiative at CRN Channel Awards 2021

Gamma's primary route to market, the channel, is at the heart of what we do. We provide market-leading products to 1,000+ channel partners, with an exceptional service wrap.

Demonstrating the Company's continued loyalty and commitment to its partners and customers, Gamma was recognised by the CRN Channel Awards for the Best Lockdown Project/Initiative.

The CRN Channel Awards celebrates the latest technology innovations and advancements and recognises the ingenuity and exceptional achievements of the UK channel industry over the year.

The Best Lockdown Project/Initiative award recognised the innovation and exceptional support that companies have demonstrated during the pandemic. Gamma’s award entry focused on the two packages it developed to assist partners and their end customers during the pandemic.

Gamma launched the Support and Recovery Packages in 2020, to help channel businesses and customers weather the COVID-19 storm, with a raft of immediate and practical measures to assist them during the challenging times.

The Packages allowed Gamma partners to hibernate customers (i.e., temporarily pause their contracts) or to provide homeworking capability without charge from Gamma.

Gamma was recognised for the project, and hopes that the initiative took some of the financial burden away from channel partners and users who may have been suffering the effects of the lockdown.

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Gamma celebrates National Customer Service Week

For the third consecutive year, Gamma celebrated National Customer Service Week (NCSW) across its UK businesses.

Held between Monday 4 to Friday 8 October, NCSW is a week-long opportunity to raise awareness of customer service and the vital role it plays in successful business practice and the growth of the UK economy.

Throughout the week, Gamma recognised its customer service heroes and the great work they do for customers and partners with a series of themes spanning the changing world of work, through to strategy and leadership.

Providing great customer service is key to Gamma's mission. We offer 24/7 support and technical help, and assign customer service managers to each account giving a consistent point of contact within Gamma.

Gamma also offers a service scheme to allow customers to choose the level of service required to match the right support in place whatever the end customer needs. Our services and support infrastructures are co-located meaning that end-users get through to the right person to handle the query.

As the world continues to be unremitting, Gamma will continue to keep customer satisfaction paramount to its mission.

Market trend
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Gamma to deploy recycled Eco-SIM across its network of channel partners and business mobile customers

Supporting the company's long-term commitment to safeguarding the environment, Gamma has expanded its partnership with Thales, a global technology business, to deploy Eco-SIM across its network of channel partners and business mobile customers.

With 4.5 billion SIM cards produced every year – amassing to 20,000 tons of plastic – Thales’ Eco-SIM, developed in partnership with Veolia, is made from 100% recycled polystyrene recovered from discarded refrigerators. This step in the Thales-Gamma partnership acts as a force for sustainability within the telecoms market, offering a green plastic supply flow to Gamma.

Gamma is a certified Carbon Neutral company and continues to look for ways to build upon its ESG strategy. Thales’ carbon offsetting programme ensures its Eco-SIM is certified carbon neutral, and as a result, further supports Gamma's ESG strategy, and the adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals announced in January 2020.

Thales has thus far provided SIM cards and related services to Gamma, delivering SIM applications and device management services since 2016. The switch to Eco-SIM provides an opportunity for both companies to enhance their ecological transformation and contribution to a circular economy.

Traditional SIM cards consume nearly 20,000 tons of PVC every year, but these new Eco-SIM will save nearly 5,000 metric tonnes of virgin plastic every year.

ESG Report

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Key to strategy

  1. Cloud Telephony and UCaaS Evolve our strong Cloud telephony position into the UCaaS market
  2. Fixed and Mobile Telecom Build on our fixed and mobile telecom strength to differentiate our proposition from pure OTTs
  3. Company Expansion Expand into Europe to gain continued growth and scale
  4. Digital progression Continue to build on our digital capabilities to assure agility and sustain competitiveness

Key to KPIs

  1. Revenue
  2. Gross profit
  3. Gross margin
  4. Adjusted EBITDA
  5. Cash
  6. Cash generated by operations
  7. EPS
  8. Fully diluted adjusted EPS

Key to risks

  1. Unplanned service disruption
  2. Data loss and cyber attacks
  3. Over-reliance on suppliers
  4. Inability to attract and retain top talent
  5. Uncertain competitive landscape
  6. Price erosion
  7. Legal and regulatory non-compliance
  8. Unsuccessful M&A strategies

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The ESG Committee oversees the development and activity of Gamma's ESG agenda.